Ta-Ha Publishers is an independent publishing house specialising in the publication of books covering all aspects of Islam

Ta-Ha Publishers is an independent publishing house specialising in the publication of books covering all aspects of Islam

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Ta-Ha Publishers is an independent publishing house specialising in the publication of books covering all aspects of Islam
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Hajj Ahmad Thomson

Hajj Ahmad Thomson was born in Zambia, educated in Zimbabwe and England, embraced Islam in 1973 and called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1979. He is a practising barrister specialising in Charity, Discrimination, Employment and Islamic Law. He has authored several books on Islam www.wynnechambers.co.uk.

Aisha Bewley

Aisha Bewley is one of today’s most prolific translators of classical Arabic work into English. Aisha Bewley not only understands Arabic but she is also aware of the basic meanings and nature of teachings and history of Islam. Her knowledge is born of experience and direct transmission, not merely academic theory and learning by rote. For more than twenty-five years she has been concerned with making the contents of many classical works in Arabic more Accessible to English-speaking readers for the first time, including Ash-Shifa of Qadi “Iyad.

Dr Amjad M. Hussain

Dr. Amjad M. Hussain is a Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. Dr Amjad M. Hussain has written widely on Islam and has published internationally in Britain, USA and Turkey and is the author of the book 'A Social History of Education in the Muslim World: From the Prophetic Era to Ottoman Times'.

Gohar Mushtaq

Gohar Mushtaq received his PhD in 2001 from Rutgers University of New Jersey, specializing in Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry. He studied the classical Islamic sciences throughout his childhood and then in his university years, first with his father and later with various other teachers. Dr. Mushtaq contributes articles to both English and Urdu-language Islamic magazines, and he frequently delivers Friday sermons and lectures at various mosques and Islamic centers in the United States. His books include: The Music Made Me Do It, The Hijab: Liberation or Oppression?, Growing a Beard: In Light of Qur'an, Sunnah and Modern Science, The Intelligent Heart, The Pure Heart and Islam: Its Beauty & Wisdom.

Habeeb Akande

Habeeb Akande graduated from Kingston University with a First Class BA with Honours degree in Business and Film Studies. After his graduation, Habeeb travelled to Cairo, Egypt to study Arabic, Islamic Law and Islamic History at al-Azhar High School and University. A student of history and precocious reader, Habeeb took it upon himself to embark on his journey whilst studying at the renowned al-Azhar High School and University to start researching for the book, Illuminating the Darkness: Blacks and North Africans in Islam.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari MBE is an educationalist, community activist, author and parenting consultant in the British Muslim community. He has served East London’s diverse communities in various capacities for three decades. Since 2002, he has been the Chairman of the board of trustees at the East London Mosque (London’s first mosque which now includes the impressive London Muslim Centre) leading the institution to win the national ‘Super Model Mosque Competition’ in 2009. He is also a founding member of The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO), a coalition of churches, mosques, and other civil society organisations working together to promote understanding and a safer, fairer and better governed city. Dr Bari has written for various newspapers, journals and community publications, and is the author of ‘Marriage and Family Building in Islam, ‘A Guide to Parenting’, and ‘Race, Religion and Muslim Identity in Britain’.

Qaiser M. Talib

Qaiser M. Talib was born in Birmingham, England. After attending local schools, Qaiser graduated from the University of Birmingham where he earned a ‘Bachelor of Arts’ Degree in History. Later, he completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Central England. Although he has been teaching since 2004, he has also managed to develop a second career as a writer and editor. Qaiser has written on a wide variety of subjects. He is the author of the book 'Salah ad Din and the Crusades'. He has freelanced for renowned Muslim publications such as Q News, the Forum, Muslim News and ‘emel’ magazine. He has also written for the Socialist publication, Labour Left Brief. He also co-hosted a radio show on Birmingham's Unity FM in 2007-2008. In addition, his fondness for sport has enabled him to contribute a number of articles to the official website of Liverpool FC.

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood is the author of some 40 books on Islam and other subjects. She gained her honours degree in Christian Theology at the University of Hull in 1963, and Post Graduate Teaching Certificate in 1964, with distinctions in theory and practice. Her professional life was spent as Head of Religious Studies at various tough UK inner city secondary schools until she retired in 1996 to concentrate on writing and lecturing. She grew up a devout Christian, but converted to Islam in 1986, becoming the UK's first Muslim Head of RS. Already established by then as an author of books on Christian and educational topics, she has since devoted her time to writing on Islam and doing dawah work to both Christian and Muslim audiences. She encouraged and taught Islam for GCSE, with details available on her website, a course picked up by many hundreds of Muslim students. She regularly addressed school, church and mosque groups, explaining Islam and educating in the basics of Islam, with a keen interest in presenting Islam as a world faith, and has lectured at many conferences and universities around the world as well as the UK. She strives to raise the awareness both of non-Muslims and also of born Muslims of various immigrant ethnic backgrounds living in the UK, that these numerous varieties of cultural backgrounds, tastes and emphases are all part of Islam, including cultures that are not limited to the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and North Africa. She has campaigned in support of abused and oppressed women. Her full list of works and many articles can be found on her website www.ruqaiyyah.karoo.net

Tahir M. Kiani

Imam Tahir Mahmood Kiani, son of the saintly Haji Muhammad Taj Ali Kiani (rahmatu’Llahi ta‘ala ‘alayhi) of Batley, has studied a wide range of Islamic Sacred Sciences under prominent teachers in the UK as well as abroad. He is also well versed in contemporary and non-religious subjects. He is a graduate of the renowned International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), Pakistan, in Shari`ah (Islamic Sacred Law) and Common Law, where he studied under prominent scholars and intellectuals such as Professor Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mansoori, Dr. Azhar Jawed, Dr. Mahmoud ash-Shafi and Dr. Hussain Hamid Hassan, among others. Imam Tahir Mahmood Kiani is well-versed in various fields of Islamic Sacred Sciences, which includes Arabic Grammar, rhetorics, prose, poetry, syntax, etymology, Hadith, Qur’an, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence), and Mantiq (logic). He teaches Arabic and Islamic Sacred Sciences in various educational and academic centres and masjids, on a long term and short term basis. Being fluent in Arabic, English and Urdu, Imam Tahir Mahmood Kiani has translated numerous Islamic texts such as the 'The Mukhtasar Al-Quduri'.

Umm Safiyyah Bint Najmuddin

Umm Safiyyah Bint Najmuddin received her Diploma in Child Care and Education (DCE) in 2003 and has a degree in Psychology. A passionate advocate of the Islamic education of the future generation, she has extensive experience working with pre-school children both in nursery settings and private tuitions. She is the author of the book 'The Muslim Parent's Guide to the Early Years (0-5 Years)'.

Zamir Hussain

Zamir Hussain has an Honours Degree in Theology, majoring in Islamic Studies and a PGCE in Religious Education, she also holds a Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy. She has worked as head of department in a local secondary school as well as managed education in a care home setting. Zamir has been working as a Muslim Chaplain for the past seven years for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Heart of England NHS Trust, her work has afforded her much involvement in palliative and bereavement care. Zamir has been involved in producing bereavement resources for ‘Red Balloon resources’ based at the Children’s hospital and has recently launched her solace and comfort book for parents who have lost a child ‘A Gift to the Bereaved Parent’ this book is used by the hospital, and other bereavement organisations as a form of ongoing support for bereaved parents and families. Zamir has also written an activity book for bereaved siblings ‘We Will Meet Again in Jannah, and What a Great Day that Will be’.
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